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We wanted to create a user-centric wallet for our community and possible partners. We started out with the thought: “How can we make it so simple, yet beautiful that both the neighborhood grandma and the coffee store hipster would be able to use and enjoy StashApp?”

StashApp is an easy to use self-custodial wallet, by that we mean that we do not store and cannot interact with your assets in any way, as everything lives on chain. In practice, this means that you can import your existing wallet as well as use your StashApp wallet in other wallet software supporting the Stellar network. That way we know for sure that your assets are safe and sound.

Aside from creating a wallet, we’ve created a whole ecosystem of retail services and products. We have launched our open beta for WooCommerce, meaning all WordPress sites running Woocommerce as their preferred webshop system, can integrate StashApp as a payment method in minutes.

Building upon the ease of use, we’ve created a handheld Point of Sale (POS) system which can run on all new devices (preferably tablets), and can be set up and implemented in stores swiftly; this could potentially save retail owners up to $10,000 in monthly fees from handling cash payments. Not only that, but all records reside on the Stellar blockchain and can always be retrieved, meaning they will always have control over receipts and other transaction data.

StashApp features

  • Onramp with Banxa, Ramp and MoonPay
  • Locked staking and liquidity provider yield farming
  • Staking rewards payout (overview in the app)
  • Buy/sell/swap XLM, CANNACOIN & USDC
  • WalletConnect v2 (beta)
  • Pay with StashApp (in stores & online)

Point of Sale & eCommerce features

  • Can be run on all devices supporting WebKit
  • Display prices in USD
  • Product management (including content like THC & CBD, with even more features coming)
  • Connect with existing Product Information Management (PIM) software (using Woocommerce) and also other integrations
  • Can be used in addition to existing payment gateways


According to the StellarLumens blockchain's own rules, an xlm address needs a balance of 1 XLM to be active and an additional 0.5 XLM per trustline

This means that once the wallet is set up you need to deposit at least 2 XLM in order to start your " trip" with Stellar CANNACOIN. This will also leave you 0.5 XLM to cover network fees.


You can buy XLM on many exchanges, below is a small list of the top exchanges by trading volume on XLM:

To buy directly from StashApp, see how to on-ramp

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