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With StashApp, users can create a new Stellar account or import an existing one, and then easily send and receive payments, trade on the decentralized exchange, and view their account activity and transaction history.



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How does StashApp work?

To buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrency, you need a digital wallet. A wallet is then live on the blockchain once funded. StashApp in particular is a self custodial wallet, meaning you hold the keys, and we do not store og hold it.

StashApp is available on multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, and the web, making it convenient and accessible for users.

Developed and maintained by the Stellar Cannacoin dev team

How to get started

Once you are done setting up, if you haven't already, you need to add trustlines to XLM and your desired custom asset, be able to fund your wallet. It only costs 0.5 XLM to add a trustline.

We have built StashApp in a way to easily trade, stake and manage your funds all from one place. It's all handled on-chain by the Stellar Network. We therefore at no point have access to your funds, or wallet. Or can in any way take action on your behalf.

Can you access my funds or recover my wallet?

The wallet is a self custodial wallet, meaning we do not store your keys, nor do we store any user data. We do not have access to your wallet, and cannot help you recover it, if lost.

Our fiat to crypto on-ramp processors, might be required in some countries or states to collect user information, in order to handle KYC.

Fiat on-ramp processors

Fiat to crypto processors supported


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