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Introducing StashApp, the brand new selfcustodial wallet for the Stellar Network.


Get full control over your funds with our self-custodial wallet. Securely manage your cryptocurrencies without relying on third-party custodians.

Pay, send and receive

Pay in webshops and stores supporting StashApp. Send and receive cryptocurrencies with ease using our intuitive and user-friendly platform. Enjoy fast and hassle-free transactions.

Stellar DEX

Explore the world of decentralized exchanges with our Stellar DEX. Enjoy faster and cheaper trading, enhanced security, and the ability to trade directly from your wallet.

Liquidity pools

Dive into liquidity pools and earn rewards on your crypto holdings. With our platform, you can easily participate in liquidity pools and earn passive income on your investments.

Getting started takes seconds

StashApp makes it incredibly easy to get started with its self-custodial wallet. Users can either import an existing Stellar wallet or create a new one with just a few taps. 

We have built StashApp in a way to easily trade, stake and manage your funds all from one place. It's all handled on-chain by the Stellar Network.
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Gain control over your assets

In addition to giving you complete control over your private keys, StashApp also offers a unique social recovery feature called Guardians. With Guardians, you can choose trusted friends or family members to act as backup to help you recover your wallet in case you lose access to it.

Multiple fiat on-ramps

Fiat on-ramps are an essential component of any cryptocurrency platform as they enable users to convert traditional currency, such as dollars, euros, or pounds, into cryptocurrencies.

Banxa, Ramp, and MoonPay are all reputable payment providers in the cryptocurrency industry. These payment providers are known for their fast and reliable payment processing, making it easy for StashApp users to buy cryptocurrencies quickly and securely.

Ready to start investing in cryptocurrency?

Download StashApp today and join millions of users around the world who are already taking advantage of this easy-to-use Stellar Network.

Buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies safely and securely. So why wait? Head to your app store and download StashApp now!

Looking to integrate StashApp into your existing store?

If you're a business interested in integrating StashApp into your store, you can easily reach out to our support team to get in touch.
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