Get started

Introducing StashApp, the brand new selfcustodial wallet for the Stellar Network.

1. Create a new wallet

Create and obtain your public and secret key using StashApp.

2. Fund your wallet

Send over a minimum of 2.5 XLM in order to active your newly created wallet.

3. Off you go!

Once you've activated your wallet, you are set to engage with the Stellar Network.

Add assets by creating a trust line

A trust line is a connection between your wallet and an asset issuer, allowing you to receive and hold their assets in your wallet.

Asset and issuer information

You'll be prompted to enter the asset issuer's domain, and the maximum amount of the asset you want to hold in your wallet. Once you've added the trust line, the asset will appear in your wallet. This way you cannot be sent random assets you may not want to keep.
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