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What are claimable balances
Creating a trustline for the asset you're sending/receiving is a requirement for a standard payment on the Stellar Network. The sender will get an error if they attempt to send a standard payment without first setting up a trustline because the network won't let them. See here on how to add a trustline.

Claimable balances on Stellar help avoid these problems, because you can choose whether to accept a payment for an asset that has been sent to you, for which you do not hold a trustline.

Anyone on the network has the ability to send pending payments. Although they are completely safe to accept, users are free to ignore them if they so choose. By neither accepting nor accepting pending payments, the account cannot be compromised.

To access your clamaible balances (if any) go to the account tab and select Claimable balances, as in the images below:

From here you can see all your claimable payments received and can decide whether to:

Accept payment: StashApp will automatically create the trustline for the asset and redeem the amount (remember that each trustlines requires 0.5 XLM).

Convert to XLM: StashApp will automatically create the trustline for the asset (requires 0.5 XLM) convert it to XLM and finally revoke the trustline (returns 0.5 XLM).

Burn the asset: StashApp will automatically create the trustline for the asset (requires 0.5 XLM) then send it back to the issuer address (burn) and finally revoke the trustline (return 0.5 XLM).

Claimable balances can also be converted to CANNACOIN. On the claimable balances page, on the top there is a button to Autoconvert to CANNACOIN, tap that; as in the image below:

Next allow StashApp some time to determine which of the claimable balances can be auto converted. When ready you will see how many balances can be converted, the amount of XLM required to temporarily be reserved to complete the conversion, the fees involved, as well as the estimated CANNACOIN you will receive. See the image below:

Any claimable balances with a red XLM value means that the estimated value of that coin is incorrect (most likely a scam coin), and it is advised that you don't accept these payments.

Not all of the claimable balances will be able to be auto converted to CANNACOIN.

Ensure that you have the required amount of XLM to complete the conversion.

Once you have reviewed the balances to be auto converted tap Proceed to complete the process. Please allow Stashapp some time to complete the process.

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